Google Calendar and Gmail are no longer “quietly” sneaking up on Exchange   1 comment

Follow up to this post, here’s a bit of slightly outdated news… USC has partnered up with Google to give their students access to google apps and gmail in a non “ad-infected” portal. I’d heard noise about this, but I didn’t realize that deals were already being cut with organizations the size of USC.

If I’m Microsoft, I’m worried about this… oh, roughly 100 times more than I’m worried about anything else that Google has done. Microsoft’s cash cow is Office, and if this works out well for USC in the next four years you can bet that Suh-Pyng Ku and Ilee Rhimes are going to be talking it up at every conference they attend. Hooking up educational institutions with your computing platform was a back and forth battle between Microsoft and Apple in the early days of the personal computer, a skirmish which Microsoft eventually won out. It’s been 20 years since they had to fight that battle, however, and they’re coming to this one facing an entirely different opponent.

Round One… Ready… FIGHT!



Posted February 13, 2008 by padraic2112 in software, tech

One response to “Google Calendar and Gmail are no longer “quietly” sneaking up on Exchange

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  1. I remember when my high school won a radio contest and what did we get? A roomfull of Apple II’s. Not that there was anything wrong with that…

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