Immersive 3D   3 comments

Now, this guy is obviously a skilled hacker with too much time on his hands. But this little project illustrates how *close* we are to VR in your living room:

ed. note: I don’t know how Vinnie parses the internet and finds all of this stuff, but I’m glad that he does and forwards the interesting bits to me.


Posted January 23, 2008 by padraic2112 in hardware, tech

3 responses to “Immersive 3D

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  1. What? No “Hey thanks for the awesome link, Vinnie?” No “Wow, think of the virtual Strip Club applications?” /shakes head/

  2. My bad; you had an attribution, but I buried it in the html tag for the video.

    Fixed 🙂

  3. Its his “job” to research technology. How it always ends up resulting in weapons or games is not my business.

    The demo program, needs the official 70’s song from the don’t do drugs school films. Bum bum bum…. wakkakkow wakkakkow. You know while you are moving your head around through the room. Wow man… look at all the fancy dots!

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