Cringley’s Shootin’ For The Moon   Leave a comment

Bob Cringley has put together a team for the Google X-prize, and I have to give him kudos for his project mission. Quote:

If you have 20 shots at hitting the Moon for $5 million versus one shot for $100 million, it changes your whole day.

And the idea is appealing to more than just giddy amateurs. Without making any effort to recruit them, Team Cringely has begun attracting real rocket scientists who are drawn by the simple idea that winning this prize at a profit could change completely the way entrepreneurs and governments look at space. The symbolism of what we are doing is as important as the work, itself.

Good luck, Bob. You don’t even need to win, you just need to come close enough to change the focus of space travel. It might be an incredible pipe dream, a wild-ass waste of money, and it might not, but either way it’s magnificent.


Posted December 14, 2007 by padraic2112 in tech, x-prize

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