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Human-response exoskeletons, in real life, are getting to be pretty amazing.  Thanks to Vinnie for the link.

My wife works for the Al Mann Foundation, and one of their devices, (spunoff into a for profit company) is an implantable neurostimulator.  Imagine a battery powered device, about 33mm long and 3 mm in diameter, which can be implanted at the end of a disconnected nerve (say, in a spinal cord injury patient), and connected to a control system that enables that device to provide an electrical charge to the nerve.  With a complicated enough control system, you can essentially restore motion to a limb that has been cut off from the central nervous system.

You can get bionic ears (from more than one vendor), or a bionic visual system (not HD resolution, but it shouldn’t be too long before they can get there).  Some of the big brain crew at Caltech are working on cognitive neural prosthesis.

Aside from all the actual constructive uses for this technology, put this all together and it’s not too much longer before your Special Forces crew are one-man armies, making the Future Force Warrior crew relative lightweights.

Put a computer behind it all, and it’s time for everyone to buy a copy of The Guide.


Posted November 25, 2007 by padraic2112 in hardware, news, tech

4 responses to “I Am Iron Man

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  1. “Robot Insurance….For when the metal ones come.” That exo-skeleton demo blew me away. I was expecting several production generations of relatively clunky “Aliens Loader” style suits before anything with that level of dexterity showed up. The most interesting application possibility I considered was not the work loading/unloading stuff, or even the ability to do a hojillion pull-ups, but rather the load bearing capability for fully-powered kevlar/ceramic/romulan armor suits. As Pat said, you put a couple of recon scouts in those and their survivability goes up 10x. Add to that the adaptive/metamorphic camoflage products and you have a fighting force of extraordinary magnitude.

  2. Holy sh*t!

  3. (Hi Vin by the way!)

  4. Hi Meg. I checked out your blog too. Glad to see you are doing well.

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