Background Checking is Teh Awesome   1 comment

Oh, my.  From the LA Times (By Josh Meyer, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer November 14, 2007)

An illegal immigrant from Lebanon with relatives linked to the militant Islamic group Hezbollah paid a U.S. citizen to marry her and then lied her way through national security background checks to become an agent for the FBI and the CIA.


To join the FBI and CIA, Prouty had to be a U.S. citizen and undergo a background check. Officials at both agencies insisted that thorough background checks had been done. FBI spokesman Stephen Kodak said agents interviewed family, friends and associates in the U.S. and Lebanon to make sure Prouty did not pose a security risk, and that Prouty passed a polygraph test.

“We relied on her legitimate naturalization documents. What the investigation revealed was that those naturalization papers were obtained through a long-term pattern of fraudulent claims,” Kodak said. “Do additional measures need to be implemented? Possibly.”

Ya think?

Coincidentally, in a real way this ties into a conversation about Qmail on this thread on Bruce’s blog. If you’re outsourcing trust, you don’t get to absolve yourself of the responsibility of maintaining your security profile.


Posted November 16, 2007 by padraic2112 in news, security

One response to “Background Checking is Teh Awesome

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  1. Does this mean that Travis Henry’s polygraph is no good? This is very important because he is on my fantasy team….

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