Top Gear is the Funniest Show on Television   8 comments

Some context to this review is necessary.

Imagine that you’re the kind of person who has never really entirely given up on a teenage boy’s fascination with the automobile.  The kind who can listen to Rush’s “Red Barchetta” and think to himself, “Man, that’s my idea of social protest”.  Imagine that you have been given free license to run your own TV show with two of your goofball buddies.  Imagine further that you have access to what seems like nearly unlimited funds, provided you use them to (a) drive ridiculously designed cars really fast; (b) invite british celebrities to take a normal car for a spin around your test track and poke general (and gentle) fun at them; and (c) do one magnificently foolish project a week that would resemble a “Jackass” project except for the fact that it includes little or no toilet humor and must be executed on an epic scale.  When I say epic scale… well, if you’re a fan of MythBusters (which I also enjoy), think of what their average show is like, and compare that to the time they blew up the cement truck.  If you consider the average MB show a 1, and blowing up the cement truck a 4, Top Gear’s average episode clocks in at a 9, and that’s on a logarithmic scale.

You can view clips of many of the shows on YouTube, but the cadence of the show and the progression from the ridiculous to the sublime is part of the fun; I recommend watching each episode in it’s entirety.  And it’s now on BBCA!  No writer’s strike!

They also have someone on the producer crew who has an absolutely perfect flair for picking the right song clips for audio track enhancement.


Posted November 9, 2007 by padraic2112 in humor, social

8 responses to “Top Gear is the Funniest Show on Television

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  1. Hey man, just got off the phone with you. I am a complete Top Gear fan too. It is F’ing hilarious.

  2. I think Liam has watched every episode that is available online.

  3. Don’t know that show, but Mythbusters whizzes me off. It is called Mythbusters, and that is what they must do… since you reference the dynamite, sadly it would have worked if they got the charge right and the pressure wave balanced. Liability reasons? No integrity I say…. anyway if you need someone to comment on this blog and make rude comments in ur general direction… I’ll sign up!

  4. Hammer and Vinnie both visit and comment within a couple of days. Shades of… something. You’d like Top Gear, Ben; imagine the project you and Lance did for graduation, except with plasma displays and mounted on top of a truck that had been adapted to be amphibious…

  5. Well now that you bothered to check your own blog for comments, have your sisters post a contact section on their blogs and they can be illuminated by the glory that is…well…me. 🙂

  6. Vinny,

    He didn’t say it was a good thing!

    I found a top gear. It isn’t on til Sat. I guess. I remember a limey show with a couple team building cars, and then at the end they had to run them over with a tank and blast them with the gun. Is this it with a bigger budget?

    I’m all caught up on back seasons of Holmes on Holmes now I think. Frees some limited viewing time for this one. As you can see I have some free time about every other day. Gotta run. We should do e-mail. I want to catch up sometime!

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