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You might be surprised at who else is lining the pockets of the person you’ve elected to guard your interests in our democratic republic.  You environmentalists may not be so gung ho about Hillary when you see she’s the third highest recipient of Oil and Gas money.  You think Chris Dodd is going to produce real health care reform, when he rakes in this much from the Insurance industry?  I think the hedge funds guys are really worried about their tax status, they’re hitting all four of the top candidates with their giant money hose.

I wonder what the correlation is between donations from defense firms and how loudly a particular member of the Armed Services Committee argues in support of continuing the funding of the Iraq war?

Man, it seems to me that lawyers, in particular, have just too much money if they’ve got an extra $106,303,569 to donate to political causes.  What happened in 2004, anyway?  Number Two?  You guys slipped that year.


Posted October 30, 2007 by padraic2112 in politics, web sites

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