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My page on this site. If I could combine it with CiteULike and throw in a dash of wikiness to it I would seriously consider a hostile takeover of the company, so that I could control it and make sure it always remains Goodreads and doesn’t turn into something that I no longer like but I’m so invested in the site’s cataloging system that I can’t pull myself away.

When you’re a childhood collector (I wasted many an lawn-mowing job’s proceeds on a single sybaritic orgy of consumerism at Mike’s Comics when I was a yonker), you are one of two types. One sort collects because everyone else collects and by gum you’re going to be the first kid in the neighborhood to get Giant Sized X-men #1. The second sort is the type who collects because of a genuine love of whatever it is that you’re acquiring.

If you’re of the second sort, and you’re also cursed with the sort of brain that has a continuous desire to put things into containers of likeness, you wind up becoming a cataloger.

My CD collection, all 600+ of them, were in alphabetical order, by artist, and then in chronological order, by release date (my friends made fun of my obsessive re-racking of the discs in their crystal cases, but I always knew where my music was, and to this date I’ve only had to repurchase *one* album due to scratch damage). But there were variations on the filing system, because classical music is as much about the composer as the performing orchestra. Compilations always go at the end of the artist section. George Thorogood and the Destroyers went under “T” for Thorogood, but Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians went under “E” as I can’t imagine the band being called anything else. No offense to the Destroyers out there, this was an entirely arbitrary cataloging system. I’ve tweaked the system back and forth over the years, and I’ve never come to an entirely satisfactory solution. The horribly inexpressive ID3 tagging system has caused me no end of frustration.

But I digress. I like the “shelf” idea of Goodreads. It is simple, easy to use, and makes it very very easy to group different books in different classes, and have books be in more than one class, and is just generally very nice and relational-database driven.

Check out the site. Put up your books (I do mine in chunks, what you see there is not representative of what’s in the house except for the fact that I do own a heck of a lot of science fiction). Friend me if you know me and show me your collection.

I’m just as interested in how you group ’em as I am in what I can borrow next time I’m at your house.


Posted October 2, 2007 by padraic2112 in books, social, web sites

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  1. That’s just great. That’s just freaking great. Do you have any idea how long I can spend on that site and still not be anywhere close to being done? DO YOU?!?

  2. Wait until you see my next book-related post/web site. It will help, and hurt, at the same time. Bwhah-ahahahahahaha!

  3. this is fantastic. my bookshelf can be themed without being restricted by space or aesthetics.
    it is going to take me awhile to add everything to the site. i’m a virgo so i have to use the isbn.

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