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I attended this seminar on Tuesday, and found parts of it very interesting.  If you’re in New York or Toronto, they’re coming soon to a venue near you.  Full day attendance is worth 5 credits towards your CISSP (if you have one), so if you’re a bit short on credits to keep you current, here’s a quick fiver.

It’s a vendor-sponsored event, but until the “technology in action” part (right at last half-hour at the end) when a IBM representative came out (and did a largely unimpressive talk about IBM services) the sessions were almost entirely vendor-neutral and spurred some interesting conversation.  I was very impressed with David Sherry’s talk about his IM (Identity Management) project at Citizen’s Bank.  He talked not only about the practical benefits of the project, but also discussed lessons learned, project management issues, and how he dealt with various groups politically.  If you’re planning an identity management project, you could do a lot worse than to talk to David.

Additionally,  Mark Diodati of the Burton Group gave one excellent talk (about the strong auth marketplace) and one pretty good talk (regarding identity management).  Without getting into overwhelming technical detail, he discussed some interesting strong authentication products in the context of well-matched deployments.  I’ll give Mark a lot of credit here, his second talk (Digging into Stronger Authentication) was after lunch and he kept the crowd engaged, which isn’t easy when you have a room full of full bellies.  It was also immensely practical.

Posted September 19, 2007 by padraic2112 in management, security, tech

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