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For all you proud owners of the brand-spankin’-new iPhone: Dark Reading reports multiple security vulnerabilities.

I have to take some exception with this paragraph, though:

 Even so, the iPhone, which is based on a version of OS X, is actually more secure than other mobile phones because it has a system for updating and patching it: iTunes, says Robert Graham, Errata’s CEO, who has been hammering away at the iPhone since his service finally kicked in. “It’s the only one [mobile device] that will be regularly updated for security patches.” The iTunes service already has alerted users that it will provide updates on July 5, he says.

Um, being able to fix something by updating it doesn’t mean it’s “more secure”.  It just means that for published, announced vulnerabilities, it can be  horribly insecure for a shorter length of time.  Not to mention the fact that it opens up the possibility that the updating and patching mechanism can be exploited itself, or a patch to a vulnerability could actually open up a more severe vulnerability.

Given that software has bugs, an automated patching facility is probably a good thing, but to call it “more secure” is disingenuous.


Posted July 2, 2007 by padraic2112 in hardware, news, security, tech

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