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Have you seen Bob Cringley’s Triumph of the Nerds?

If you haven’t, and you claim to be a geek/nerd, you should. Coworker Dave loaned me his copy and watching it reminded me of some of the quirks of the history of the personal computer that I had forgotten.


Posted April 30, 2007 by padraic2112 in hardware, software, tech

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  1. Well, Bob Cringley also did a documentary about the Internet, called ‘Nerds 2.0.1: A Brief History of the Internet’. It is an excellent look at why we have an Internet, how it got started, and what “the architects” think it holds in store for us.
    While I thought I had the video at home, I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Also, it seems difficult to buy anywhere online or offline.
    In any case, there are online videos here:
    It is broken into 3 sections each roughly an hour long; “Networking the Nerds”, “Serving the Suits”, and “Wiring the World”.
    Its a bit dated, but then most documentaries suffer from that.

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