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Robert Crais. Like most of the Elvis Cole books, it moves. I’m a big fan of this particular style of crime fiction. Not as gritty as Michael Connelly. Not as disturbing as Minette Walters. Not as soul-numbingly depressing as John D. MacDonald. Not as funny as Carl Hiaasen.

But, all four of those things, in an excellent blend. Can’t wait for Joe Pike to come out in paperback.

Posted March 28, 2007 by padraic2112 in books, crime/mystery fiction

One response to “On the Nightstand – Two Minute Rule

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  1. C’mon. MacDonald depressing? Suntans, surf, bikinis and gin and tonics? With Meyer on top? You crazy, man. (or is it because MacDonald was right on the money when it came to the demise of Florida?)

    And I’m sorry, Hiassen just doesn’t make me laugh. I can’t get into him. Same thing goes for Dave Barry’s fiction.

    The Two Minute Rule was great. Read it in one sitting on the plane down to Aruba last year. But what to read after that? The only book in the hotel gift shop worth considering was a Jack Reacher novel by Child. My lucky day!

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